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Summer Institute


THE INDIANA WRITING PROJECT offers an Invitational Summer Institute each summer for teachers interested in learning from other teachers about writing and writing instruction.

Invitational Summer Institute

​In the summer of 2024, the Indiana Writing Project will be offering a summer institute on the teaching of writing at all levels and in all disciplines. Plan to join with other teachers to develop your own skills as a teacher-writer while exploring pedagogies, policies, and research about writing instruction.

The Indiana Writing Project is a local professional development organization based on the philosophy of teachers teaching teachers. It is part of a national network of universities linked with practitioners to improve the instruction and practice of writing in the classroom for students and teachers alike.

Your participation in the Invitational Summer Institute will open doors and opportunities for you to connect with local and national teachers who share your same passion for teaching and writing.

As a Invitational Summer Institute Fellow, you will connect with teachers who seek to learn, work, and lead together to improve students' writing experience in all content areas and levels K through college. During the institute, participants will present inquiry-based teaching demonstrations, participate in writing groups to share and respond to one another's writing, discuss applications of current research and curricular movements in writing, and enjoy presentations by special guests.

WHO: Teachers in any content area and all levels, pre-K to post-secondary

WHEN: June 10-27, 2024 (Mondays-Thursdays) from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

WHERE: Ball State University's Campus

COST: $650 (This fee may be covered by grant funding, depending on your district! Please ask us for more information!) 


PGPs: Earn up to 80 PGPs (Professional Growth Points)

GRADUATE CREDIT: Available if desired (Additional fees would apply if taking ILI for credit. If interested, please contact IWP Director Susanna Benko at

​​Read testimonials from past participants.

Deadline to apply will be February 29, 2024. Interivews of potential fellows will take place April 13 and 20.


Application coming soon!

Why get involved?

Our philosophy

The Invitational Leadership Institute operates under the belief that the best model for a workshop is teachers teaching teachers. Throughout the Institute, participants write, research, and reflect on their teaching, sharing the outcome of these experiences with other participants along the way.

The Indiana Writing Project advances the principles of the National Writing Project through its programs:

  • Writing is pivotal to learning, academic achievement, and job success.

  • Writing instruction begins in kindergarten and continues through university.

  • Universities and schools work best when they collaborate in the service of students.

  • Effective teachers of writing are writers themselves.

  • Exemplary teachers make the best teachers of other teachers.

  • Teachers are the key to reform in education.

  • Professional development begins when teachers enter teaching and continues throughout their careers.

Who should apply?

Participant profile

We invite teachers from all grade levels and content areas to participate in the Invitational Leadership Institute.  We are looking for applicants who:

  • are active classroom teachers or administrators at any grade level, kindergarten through university, and in any discipline.

  • have the potential to influence other educators and become leaders in their schools.

  • are interested in writing and have some writing ability.

  • can reflect on their own teaching practice.

  • would enjoy learning from other teachers.

Next steps


Deadline to apply is March 31st, 2023. Complete the application:​

More information

For more information, contact us at


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