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Inservice Workshops


THE INDIANA WRITING PROJECT wants to support efforts to improve writing instruction in local schools. We can offer many types of inservice workshops, depending on the needs of particular schools and districts.

Inservice Workshops and Training

National research studies have confirmed significant gains in writing performance among students of teachers who have participated in National Writing Project programs. 

As a local site of the National Writing Project, Indiana Writing Project believes that teachers grow as professionals by working with other trained teachers who share theory and research, purposeful pedagogical strategies, and writing experiences. 

IWP Teacher Consultants are available to facilitate on-site presentations, workshops, and inservice programs for schools and school districts. Topics at elementary or secondary levels include, but are not limited to, the following: 


  • Implementing reading and writing workshops in the classroom 

  • Creating a school-wide workshop culture 

  • Using technology to promote stronger writers 

  • Building success for ISTEP 

  • Conferencing with student writers 

  • How to create effective mini lessons 

  • Boy writers and their special needs 

  • Teaching argument

  • Authentic writing in the classroom 

  • Assessment made easier 

  • Custom topics for individual schools or corporations 

  • Book study groups 

  • Journal making and use in the classroom

Contact IWP at to discuss your school’s needs.

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