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National Writing Project

This site explains the background of the National Writing Project and its connection to local writing projects. It is an excellent source for teachers' reflections on their institutes, their reseach, creative writing, and students' writing. This site also links to other project sites and participants. In addition, the site has general links to English teacher resources, especially links relating to technology in the classroom. 


National Council for Teachers of English (NCTE) 

This site provides resources for elementary, secondary, and college teachers through classroom ideas, book excerpts, and magazine articles. In addition, it describes the branches and services of the organization and their positions on issues related to the teaching of English.  NCTE also has helpful information on Literacy Coaching.


International Literacy Association

This site explains the organization and describes some of its efforts advocating literacy.

Ball State's English Department

This site contains links and reviews for many scholarly and general interest sites. In addition, it explains the department's courses and programs as well as lists its faculty.



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