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Mentor Program

IWP strives to develop mentors to nurture writing fellows and be respectful, nonjudgmental, collaborative, confidential teaching partners who promote writing workshop.
A Professional Leadership Opportunity for IWP Teacher Consultants
Training, June 2019: Dates TBD

What is the program all about?

The IWP Mentor program is a new certification program for mentors as part of the redesigned IWP Invitational Summer Institute.  New fellows will be partnered with a trained mentor to guide them through the application and leadership development process of writing workshop and the Indiana Writing Project.  Mentor trainees will work toward an IWP mentor certification.  


  • Must be an IWP Teacher Consultant, who has completed the Summer Institute (now Invitational Leadership Institute)

  • Attend full day training session and other training sessions as needed

  • Complete a full-year mentorship cycle, which includes the following:

    • Meet with mentee at ILI Pre-Institute.

    • Successfully complete a one-day training on strategies for successful mentoring

    • Meet face-to-face with mentee once each week during the first two weeks of ILI.

    • Make one other contact with mentee during the first two weeks.

    • Meet once a month from July-November.

    • Have five additional contacts in some form from July-November.

    • Visit classroom in September or October.

    • Attend ILI celebration on a Saturday in November 2019

  • Complete a Myers-Briggs style survey to assist with matching mentors to mentees.

  • Support mentee throughout the entire process of preparing a successful teacher


  • IWP Mentor Certification

  • PGP points offered

  • Develop personal professional leadership skills

  • Develop confidence and methods to support new fellows

  • Rejuvenate writing instruction to support new fellows


There is no cost.

How to Register

Complete the application below and email to


Contact Shirley Thacker at

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